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Custom Scrapbook Pricing

Creative Nostalgia offers individual page pricing, as well as 20-page increment pricing.

All handmade scrapbook pages include:

  • Custom Designed Layouts
  • Photo Cropping
  • High-Quality, Archival Safe Papers
  • Acid- and Lignin-Free Embellishments (handmade and / or purchased)
  • Journalling (hand written, computer generated, or empty spaces for you to fill in)
  • Sheet Protector

All digital scrapbook pages include:

  • Custom Designed Layouts
  • Photo Cropping
  • Minimal Photo Editing (adjusting brightness / contrast, color levels, or hue)
  • High-Quality Digital Papers and Embellishments

Albums are not included in the pricing.
You have multiple options!

  1. You can purchase your own album. If you choose this option, you MUST send your album to Creative Nostalgia along with your materials. (This is to ensure the pages created and the page protectors provided will fit well in the album.)
    • If you are purchasing your own album, Creative Nostalgia recommends ordering your album online and having it shipped directly to the address listed on your contract.
  2. Creative Nostalgia can purchase the album on your behalf. You may indicate your preferred album color. The purchased albums are fabric covered and may or may not have a window.
  3. You can order one of my custom albums. Please indicate if you would like the solid wood cover or the woven cover.


Shipping is calculated at the completion of your project, based on current USPS pricing, and will be added to the balance due. Projects are not shipped until final payment has been received and cleared.


8" x 8" per 20-page increment (single-sided pages) $240.00 (*20% off)
8" x 8" per individual single-sided page  $15.00 
12" x 12" per 20-page increment (single-sided pages) $320.00 (*20% off) 
12" x 12" per individual single-sided page $20.00
Upgrade to complex layout design (per page upgraded) $10.00
Archival Mist application (per 4" x 6" item) $0.75 

* 20% off based on individual per page price, already included in listed price
** Complex layout designs include geometric patterns and fold-out sections, among others. Please ask if there is a specific design you have in mind. The upgrade fee is added to the standard page fee. These pages take a lot more time to plan and build.

Here is an example of a complex layout design:


Albums can be purchased individually or with a custom scrapbook page order.

Wood Cover for 8" x 8" pages $45.00 
Woven Cover for 8" x 8" pages $50.00
Wood Cover for 12" x 12" pages $45.00
Woven Cover for 12" x 12" pages $50.00
Classic Fabric Album $30.00
** Wood and Woven Covers include screw posts, hinges, a leather binding strip, and clear-coat sealant. All screw posts and hinges are silver in color. Leather binding strips can be ordered in black, dark brown, or light brown. Please indicate your color preference for the leather binding strip.


Wood Cover Upgrade Hand-painted title  $15.00 
Woven Cover Upgrades  Smoked Reed $3.00 
  Dyed Reed $7.00
  Space-Dyed Reed $10.00
Wood or Woven Cover Upgrade Stain $3.00


Digital per 20-page increment (single-sided pages) $128.00 (*20% off)
Digital per individual single-sided page $8.00
12" x 12" Digital Hard Photo Cover Printing (incl'ds 20 pgs) $37.00
8" x 8" Digital Hard Photo Cover Printing (incl'ds 20 pgs) $22.00
Printing fee per additional page (after 20) $1.75
Upgrade to Complex Layout Design (per page upgraded) $8.00
* 20% off based on individual per page price, already included in listed price

** Contact us for a bulk pricing quote if you are ordering more than three (3) copies of an identical digital scrapbook. Multiple copy orders can be shipped to one address or multiple addresses based on USPS current rates. Discounts are also available if you are ordering books with mostly identical pages (For example, if you place an order for a family reunion book, majority of the pages can be identical. However, to add a unique aspect to each person's copy, a few pages can be focussed on the intended recipient. Each book, after the first copy, will be billed at a discounted rate based on the number of pages that need to be adjusted.)


All digital scrapbook orders recieve 10% off photo enhancements.

Scanning of printed photos is included with enhancement prices.

Re-printing enhanced photos for handmade scrapbooks is not included. If you send digital images, there will only be one printing fee. For digital scrapbooks, there is no printing fee for the individual photos, you only pay printing for the pages.

4" x 6" Prints $0.23 
5" x 7" Prints $1.25
8" x 10" Prints $4.82
General Photo Enhancement* $10.00 
Cropping / Enlargement $5.00 
Red Eye Repair $4.00 
Change Background $25.00
Color Photo to Black and White $15.00
Color Photo to Black and White with Color Splashes $25.00 
Professional Photo from Standard Photo (People / Pets ONLY)  $40.00 / hr
Blur Background to adjust focus $15.00
Digital Photo Effects** $40.00 / hr
* General Photo Enhancements include adjustments to brightness, contrast, saturation, or hue.
** Digital Photo Effects include, but are not limited to, interweaving photo strips, creating a puzzle look with your photo, mosaic tiling, various blur effects, 3D illusions, and many others.

Examples of some photo effects: 

                ORIGINAL PHOTO            AFTER EDITING
** All prices subject to change. All written quotes are valid for thirty (30) days. If your deposit, contract, and materials are not received within thirty (30) days of the date on the written quote, prices may change.