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Custom Scrapbooks and Handmade Baskets

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Custom Scrapbooks

Custom Scrapbooks

Creative Nostalgia takes the time, creative energy, and hassle out of your one of a kind scrapbook project.

It is easy to get started!!! All you need to do is send an email to to get started. Include the page size and album type you would like to order, along with your contact information. I will contact you to begin the process. We will discuss your project, including any ideas you want to incorporate, colors you definitely want to include, and the details of your project. After that, you send the deposit along with a signed contract and your materials (photographs, memorabilia, journal text, etc.), and I begin creating a unique display for your  memories.


Enjoy the following examples of pages created by Creative Nostalgia. 

Click on the image to enlarge it.

These layouts are from both digital scrapbooks and handmade scrapbooks. (All items used for digital scrapbooks are either commercial use licensed or created by Creative Nostalgia.)

All items used for handmade pages are of archival quality and are acid- and lignin-free. We encourage you to include memorabilia (ticket stubs, brochures, handwritten letters, etc.) in your scrapbook. These items are generally not archival quality and will need to be sprayed with an archival mist. Creative Nostalgia offers an archival spray service at a rate of $0.75 per 4" x 6" item.


  1. Send an email to to get started.
    • I will help you complete the rest of these steps!
  2. Determine the theme, size, and type (handmade or digital) of scrapbook you would like to order.
  3. Decide what photos and memorabilia you would like to include in your scrapbook. Based on the number of photos and memorabilia you include, you can determine the number of pages your scrapbook will require. Keep in mind, the more photos you try to include on a single page, the less decoration and embellishment can be done on the page.
    • 8" x 8" pages can accommodate 1 - 3 (4" x 6") photos
    • 12" x 12" pages can accommodate 1 - 6 (4" x 6") photos
    • Photos will be cropped or altered as necessary to complete the layout (unless you indicate that you do NOT want a specific photo cut or altered).
    • Digital layouts are more lenient with the number of photos per page, as the photos can be re-sized.
    • Complex design upgrades will accommodate more photos, but all photos used in a complex design will be cropped to fit the design layout.
      • Make duplicate copies of all photos you are sending, or send digital files. If you are sending your digital photos on a CD or DVD, please make sure you keep a copy.
      • Creative Nostalgia assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or theft of your items. It is important for you to purchase shipping insurance with your chosen shipping company. Once your items are in the possession of Creative Nostalgia, utmost care will be taken to ensure they are not damaged in any way. In the event that your items are damaged due to any fault of Creative Nostalgia, re-printing fees will be paid by Creative Nostalgia.
  4. Sort your photos and memorabilia by single-sided page or two-page layout. Place all items for one layout into a ziploc bag or an envelope. Label it with a sequence number (order of how you want the pages displayed in your finished project), a subject (example: Graduation, 2010), and whether it is a single-sided page or two-page layout. Place the bags or envelopes in order as you want them to appear in your finished project. If there are any specific design elements, colors, or embellishments you would like included in a specific layout, please make a note on the bag or envelope.
    • If you upgrade any page(s) to a complex design, please indicate on the bag or envelope that it is a complex design. We will discuss any complex designs as soon as I receive your items.
    • Please indicate any photos you do NOT want cut or altered. You can use a small sticker, a piece of tape, or any other identifying mark on the back of the photo. Please do not use pens or markers on your photos as the ink may bleed through or the imprint may be left on the front of your photo.
    • Photos will be adhered to layouts using permanent adhesives. If there are specific items you do NOT want permanently adhered, please make a note. I can create pockets or use photo mounting corners for these items to allow them to be removed at any time.
    • Photos for digital scrapbook orders must be digital images. If they are not digital images, a scanning fee will be assessed (fee will be determined based on the quantity and size of your items). Please contact me first before ordering a digital book with physical photo prints.
    • Sort your photos into folders by single-sided page or two-page layout.
    • Label the folders with a sequence number and a subject (example: Graduation, 2010), and "single" or "double" to indicate if the folder contents are for a single-sided page or a two-page layout.
      • Folder Name Example: "1 Graduation 2010 double"
    • Send me the photos in one of the following ways (please indicate how you intend to send your photos when you send your initial email).
      • Upload these folders to a free photo-sharing website ( and send me a link to where I can download them.
      • Send each folder in a separate email to
      • Mail me a CD or DVD with your photos organized into folders. Include a file (.doc, .docx, .pfd, .txt) with your notes (make sure to make a note of the photo folder that goes with the notes).
      • Upload your photos to a photo-printing website ( and order prints. Have them shipped directly to the address listed on the contract.
    • You will need to send any memorabilia separately through a shipping service with a tracking number, delivery confirmation, and insurance. Please indicate what sequence number the memorabilia is to be placed with.
      • You can still include some memorabilia in digital scrapbooks. The items are limited to scanable documents (single page brochures, postcards, ticket stubs, etc.) and scanning services will be priced depending on the quantity and size of your items. Please note: you can scan the items yourself and send them as digital files with your photos if you wish.
    • Send me an email with any ideas, design elements, titles, journalling, color schemes, etc. for each sequence number. Or we can discuss a general scheme for your book and I will create the layouts based on the photos.
  6. Determine your journalling. Journalling is the text that tells the story behind your photos and memorabilia. It is an important aspect of your scrapbook. Journalling can be as simple as a single sentence or a few lines, or you can write full paragraphs or stories.
    • You can type out your journalling and place it with the appropriate photos. I will type it in a font matching the layout scheme and print it on high-quality stock.
    • You can supply hand written journalling. All supplied journalling MUST be written on acid- and lignin-free paper. Place the piece with the appropriate photos.
    • You can also request blank journalling blocks to be added to pages. This is a great way to add your own personal touch to your finished project! If you would like to go this route, please indicate what layouts you would like empty blocks on and the size of space you will need. If you request blank journalling blocks, I will create the rest of your page, leaving space for you to write. I will also send you an archival-quality journalling pen with your completed project!
    • Journalling is not always easy for everyone. If you need assistance with your journalling, I can give you tips and prompts to help get your creative juices flowing.
  7. Choose your album type:
    • You can purchase your own album, but you must send it with your materials.
    • Classic Fabric Album purchased by Creative Nostalgia
    • Wood Covered Album hand crafted by Creative Nostalgia
    • Woven Covered Album hand crafted by Creative Nostalgia
    • For Digital Scrapbooks, you have the choice of either the classic hard photo cover or an upgrade to a leather / fabric cover.
    • Make a note of what photo(s) you want enhanced, and which enhancement(s) you would like applied.
  9. Send your materials, 50% deposit, and signed contract via USPS, UPS, or FedEx to the address listed on the contract. Please use a shipping method with tracking and delivery confirmation, and purchase insurance for the package.
    • Creative Nostalgia accepts PayPal, checks, and money orders. Payment information will be listed in the contract.
    • You will receive an initial invoice along with your contract. I will list the deposit amount required, as well as the estimated balance due. Your estimated balance will not include shipping fees. These fees will be added at the current rate when your scrapbook is complete.
    • I will email or call you as soon as I receive your materials.
  10. As soon as I recieve  your materials, bank cleared deposit, and signed contract, I will begin working on your project.
    • Standard 20 page books usually take 3 - 4 weeks for completion.
    • Digital projects require an additional 2 - 3 week window for printing.
    • Please note that if I have to order prints for you, the project time will not start until I receive the prints.
  11. Within ten (10) days of receiving your items, I will have a few pages ready for you to review. I will send photos of the completed pages to you via email.
  12. Once you approve the initial few pages, I will complete the rest of your project. Please note: adjustments can be made to the first few pages per your request. Contact me with any adjustments you would like made.
  13. Upon completion of your project, I will send you the final invoice (including the shipping fee). Your completed project will NOT be shipped until your final payment clears the bank.
  14. Your project will be shipped with a tracking number, delivery confirmation, and insurance. Any materials provided by you that are not used in your project will be returned to you with your completed project.
  15. Have fun sharing your new scrapbook!!!